Boosting Inbox Delivery: Healthy Dose for Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has never been this easy with the abundance of tools and service providers to choose from. Though marketing has been taken to a whole new level with powerful content in different mediums, email marketing is still irreplaceable. Indeed, email marketing campaigns still make up a large chunk of digital marketing strategies that brands invest major time and money into.

Making catchy subject lines that will lure your subscribers into opening your emails and crafting engaging, relevant content will keep your readers interested, but what’s the point of all the effort spent on email campaigns if your emails don’t even reach their rightful recipients? This is where easy-to-use tools for boosting your inbox delivery come in.

Reaching the spam folder is disappointing, but not delivering an email at all is more dismaying. However, overcoming deliverability issues is possible and can be done in simple ways.

Clean Your Email List

The easiest way to circumvent deliverability issues is to utilize email verification. With email verification services, your can reduce the bounce rate of your email list to zero in no time. Use a bulk email verifier that will remove all inactive and invalid emails from your list to ensure smooth inbox delivery.

Double Opt-Ins

Single opt-ins may be the fastest and easiest way to increase the number of your contact list, but it’s also risky. Many users will submit fake email addresses to access the free content that you are offering and you’ll end up sending emails to non-existent mailboxes, which could cost you money and damage your sender reputation. Using double opt-in will ensure that only readers who value the information that you are sending are added to your email list, and companies that use double opt-ins routinely see higher open rates and lower bounce rates on their email marketing campaigns. Using double opt-ins will take you more time on building your contact list, but it will help you ensure that your email list is full of valid and active emails of users to engage with.

Finding a Perfect Sending Schedule to Stick With

Just like picking the perfect time slot to show TV advertisements, picking the perfect time to send emails is needed to keep a great email engagement rate, which goes a long way at bolstering your sender reputation. Sending your email in a busy time slot will lead to your email getting lost in the shuffle; you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Test the water and stick to the schedule which gives the higher engagement rate.

Keeping your email marketing best practices in order by cleaning your email list, giving your audience a better option to sign up and picking the best sending schedule are keys to success. If handled correctly and consistently, email marketing can be a very effective way to increase business, get more sales and gather leads interested in your services.


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